Requirements To Master Reproducible Mechanics

(Knowledge) - (ON-PLANE-CLUBFACE) - (Impact-set)

Impact-Set Golf Stroke


  • You are just 90 days from consistent automatic long and straight golf shots!

  • Impact-Set Mechanic’s virtually removes body rotation. 

    • If you have back, shoulder, hip or knee problems and can no longer play with the traditional rotary body mechanics, Impact-Set can allow you to play the best golf of your life virtually PAIN FREE!

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The Impact-Set Aids "IMMEDIATELY" build Tour Impact-Set Brain Patterns


Alignment/Practice Mat

  • Alignment is one of the major faults of all amateurs.  You can trick your vision, but you cannot trick your brain.  You must use an aid to get correct alignment


Impact-Set Arm Aid

  • Changing a brain pattern to produce a new mechanical pattern requires a training aid.  The brain HATES change.  Without the Impact-Set Arm Aid, you will never change your brain patterns.


3-LIGHT Light-Guide

  • Allows an ON-PLANE-CLUBFACE from address to impact.

  • You find your optimum stance, alignment and plane

    •    Making them automatic is a simple, very short, daily practice routine with the guide.


Success in Ball Striking is IMMEDIATE!


The Impact-Set Aids produce unimaginable accuracy and increased distance!


Stress is virtually removed from the Back, Shoulders, Hips and Knees!

A "FaceTime" or "Whatsapp" video demonstration is scheduled when you make a purchase of Knowledge, the Light-Guide or the Impact-Set Arm aid.

Purchase Options for a Lifetime of Golf Fun

Step-1: Knowledge: Membership to scientific information :            $  30.00


Step-2: 3-LIGHT Light -Guide:  Builds optimum stance, alignment & plane:    $130.00


Step-3: Impact-Set Arm Aid & Mat: To develop automatic mechanics:              $150.00


Package:  Purchase all three: Save $60:                                                                $250.00



Impact-Set Arm Aid & Mat

All Three

                               Scientific Knowledge cost only $30.00

INCLUDES: (Impact-Set)(Neuroscience)(Physics) Knowledge!

All successful journeys in golf begin with correct scientific understanding

Impact-Set Knowledge Includes:

  • Videos and photos on the:

    • Grip​

    • Stance

    • Mechanics

    • Drills

    • Light Guide use

    • Faults and Fixes



  • How the brain creates, stores and executes motion (Physiology book)

  • Action Programming, Instruction Generation, Movement Execution, Movement Monitoring (Wet Mind)

  • Time frame for changes in brain patterns to become automatic (Mapping The Mind)

    • Become a feel player - Become a natural athlete

  • Time Frame for changes in brain patterns to become effective in short term memory(Jack Kuykendall's 30 years of teaching experience)

  • White Matter Matters (Scientific America):

    • Starting age to become world class

    • Why starting at a young age is optimum

    • Old geezers can still learn!

    • The age factor in changing brain patterns

  • FEAR (The Emotional Brain)

  • TASK FOCUSED (Learning to control FEAR)

  • Why You Choke

  • TIPS - The Tips Merry-Go-Round

  • Convincing experiment on brain patterns and motion!

    • So You Think You Can Ride A Bicycle!













  • Momentum ; Work ; Equipment ; Power ; 9 lever model ; Centrifugal force ; Flail ; Clubhead velocity to shaft length ; Torque to shaft length -;Moment of inertia ; Moment of inertia to axis     of rotation ; Moment of inertia calculation for clubs ; Arc of the backstroke ; Long drive     science ; and many more

    • Examples of some false beliefs about producing clubhead speed:

      • Centrifugal force; Big muscles: Hips and legs; X-Factors; Y-Factors O-Factors; big arcs; torque on the body

        •  Every physics book states that centrifugal force is a fictitious; therefore it cannot be a source for producing clubhead speed. 

        • The other sources can be shown by simple scientific observation to be false

Jack Kuykendall & Moe Norman

For access to my YouTube posting, send an email to and request the URLS.

      When I met Moe in December of 1992, he was doing clinics in Canada at various Golf Clubs.  After each clinic, they would pass a hat and collect money.  His Cadillac had been repossessed.  This great Canadian golfer was reduced to charity clinics to make a living.  If I had not come along, Moe would have been lost to history.  My discovery of a Single-Axis right hand palm grip was the catalyst for the two of us meeting which started an historic friendship.

     The information in the Jack & Moe section is the story of the adventures I shared with him. 

     Moe asked me to not let his mechanics die or be misrepresented by the unethical sham artists in the golf industry.  Beware of anyone who claims Moe taught them his secrets; Moe knew how - he did not why.  The mechanics section is a correct scientific analyses of Moe's mechanics.


Contents of Jack & Moe 

  • Jack' Single-Axis patent method - Moe's Mechanics duplicate the patent

  • Fireside Chats 1,2 and 3

  • Moe Stories

  • Jack was the only person who could explain why I was considered the                                          "World's Greatest Ball Striker"

  • 1964 Black & White Photos



Click on "Symmetry Math" to see documents

30 years ago, I got to change my hobby (GOLF) into my living and my living (PHYSICS) into my hobby.  That has allowed me to be an independent scientist freed from academic constraints.  My IQ was tested to by 184; 24 points higher than Einstein.  This has allowed me the ability to think logically and make many logical discoveries in math, physics and chemistry.  For those of you interested in science, you should enjoy these logical scientific presentations. 

  • Quantum Theories of electrons forming clouds around protons and neutrons is Illogical and Incorrect!

  • Einstein's theories on relativity are Illogical and Incorrect; his math is illogical and incorrect because he used BS math.

  • The current Broken-Symmetry(BS) math system is illogical and produce numerous incorrect errors. 

                                                              Motion of Mass


     An understanding of math, physics and chemistry allows the motion of mass to be described.  This information is for the average person who would like to understand space, mass and time.  To explain mass and the motion of mass, the following authors work will be referenced:


  • Jack Kuykendall:         Symmetry Math (SM) versus Broken-Symmetry Math (BS)

  • P.M Kanarev:               Russian scientist’s theories of physics and chemistry;

    • the smartest human on the planet.

  • Francis Fernandes:     The elementary mass: a pulsating & rotating mass in a torus.

  • Savior Borg:                 Helical path of elementary mass & Gravity Pressure theory

  • Glen Borchardt:          Motion of Mass is all that exist; energy does not exist

  • Dilip D. James:            Models for photons and a theory of space

  • Guoyou Huang:           Spin Systems; charge

  • Joseph A. Rybczyk:     Theory of Natural Motion


There are hundreds of internet scientists with fascinating theories about space, mass and time. The ones I will reference are simply the ones I have had the time to study. All of them write their theories in the language of BS math. They use human names, unnecessary words and Greek letters in their equations. This makes it virtually impossible for someone not trained in science to be able to understand even the simplest processes. I have rewritten the information I have learned from them and the information I discovered independent of them into a format that I believe that anyone who will spend the time will be able to understand the motion of mass.


Academia has been on a misleading and illogical path since the advent of quantum theory and Einstein’s theories of relativity. Both were based on false assumptions. Both used BS math.Joseph Rybczyk stated it the best, “If our understanding of fundamental principles is incorrect, then any extrapolation of that understanding will induce further misunderstanding.”