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The Angled "5A" Swing Explanation


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The Angled “5A” SWING

  • Angled Lifeline left-hand grip:

    • The left-hand grip is taken in the lifeline of the left hand with the left wrist bent around 40 degrees toward the back of the left forearm

  • Accuracy that is unimaginable

    • The lifeline grip in both hands eliminates clubface rotation by the forearms from address to ball impact. 

    • This eliminates the coordination barrier of the traditional tour type rotary body motion swing where the forearms rotate a minimum of 900 in less than 0.05 seconds from waist high in the downstroke to ball impact; a motion that tour player can only accomplish around 65% of the time.  Amateurs have no chance to coordinate this motion.

  • Awesome distance

    • The powerful left triceps flail of the left forearm, shaft and clubhead produces high clubhead speed.

    • The PUNCH of the right hand produces high clubhead speed.

    • Combined together, you get awesome distance with what feel like effortless motion.

  • Alternative to the tour swing:

    • Creates clubhead with high arm speed produced by the flail/punch physics.

    • The body is used as a stabilizer; virtually eliminates body rotation

      • Which relieves the stress on the shoulders, back, hip, knees and wrist.

  • Alleviates the pains caused by the rotary tour swing

    • Injuries to the shoulders, back, hips, knees, ankles and wrist always in the news.  Many of them are career ending; Tiger Woods. 

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