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FaceTime/Zoom Lesson

As you all know, technology has reached the sophistication level that cell phone and computer lessons are just as effective, if not more effective, than in person learning.

                     In person learning is expensive and time consuming. 

       FaceTime/Zoom learning is far more convenient and far less expensive.


These FaceTime/Zoom lessons will fit the needs of all golfers.


I am knowledgeable in all methods of swinging a golf club.


  • Traditional rotary body tour mechanics

  • Moe Norman mechanics (Jack Kuykendall’s Patented version)

  • Lever-Power-Golf mechanics

  • Flail-Boxing Punch mechanics

  • Video review of your current swing and recommendations for a specific change

  • Fixing a specific swing fault: slice, hook, fat, thin, etc.


  A big advantage of FaceTime/Zoom learning will be the cost.

  • Each FaceTime/Zoom lesson is just $30.

Click on the PayPal button to set up your FaceTime/Zoom Lesson.

I will send an email to schedule the date and time that meets both our schedules.

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