Karate-Mechanics Training Aids

The Karate Punch Training Aids allows your brain to build:

  • patterns for optimum foot and body alignment,

  • optimum ball position and

  • optimum on-plane mechanics! 

From the very first practice session, you will have success! 

These Aids GUARANTEE that you will never lose your mechanics again!

  • Karate Punch Arm Trainer

  • Alignment/Practice Mat

  • 3-Light Light-Guide Trainer





Success in ball striking is immediate!

The Karate Punch Trainer produces distance and accuracy!

Stress is virtually removed from the Back, Shoulders, Hips and Knees!


As soon as you purchase, a FaceTime is scheduled to demonstrate how to use.

Karate Kit.JPG

Purchase Options for a Lifetime of Golf Fun

Step-1: Knowledge: Membership to KGGolf.net scientific information :            $  30.00

                                     Free as of 10-21-2021


Step-2: 3-Light Light -Guide: Developing a stance, alignment & plane:            $130.00


Step-3: Karate Punch Arm Aid & Mat: To develop automatic mechanics:         $100.00


Package:  Purchase all three: Save $30:                                                                $200.00


Free (10-2021)


Karate Punch Arm Aid & Mat

All Three