Impact-Set Training Aids

The Impact-Set Training Aids allows your brain to build:

  • patterns for optimum foot and body alignment,

  • optimum ball position and

  • optimum on-plane mechanics! 

From the very first practice session, you will have success! 

These Aids GUARANTEE that you will never lose your mechanics again!

  • Impact-Set Arm Trainer

  • Alignment/Practice Mat

  • Single-Axis Single-Plane Light Guide Trainer





Success in ball striking is immediate!

The Impact-Set Arm Trainer produces distance and accuracy!

Stress is virtually removed from the Back, Shoulders, Hips and Knees!


As soon as you purchase, a FaceTime is scheduled to demonstrate how to use.

MM aids.JPG

Purchase Options for a Lifetime of Golf Fun

Step-1: Knowledge: Membership to scientific information :            $  30.00


Step-2: Light -Guide: Developing your optimum stance, alignment & plane:    $130.00


Step-3: Impact-Set Arm Aid & Mat: To develop automatic mechanics:              $150.00


Package:  Purchase all three: Save $60:                                                                $250.00



Impact-Set Arm Aid & Mat

All Three

Stroke Trainer.