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How could the type of MAT you hit a ball off of on a driving range make a

MAJOR change in both Practice and the consistence of a golf stroke?

In this case, pure luck!  Several week ago, I started using the new high impact raised

plastic mat on the range.  I expected it be just a better version of a practice mat.

                                  O, HOW WRONG I WAS!

By the 3rd practice session, my ball striking (which was already excellent), became

dramatically better. 

  • Due to the raised plastic (that the ball rested on), it allowed for PERFECT ball to clubface impact.

A mat 2a.JPG
A mat 2.JPG
A mat 1.JPG
A mat 3.JPG
  • All the parameters of sound, ball compression, ball flight and distance became optimized.

  • The scientist in me was Awe-Struck! Holy Moly, how could this be happening?

  • But it was happening!

From your very first practice session with the Magical Mat, your ball striking will improve dramatically.  You will KNOW if your mechanics are sound and it is only ground conditions that will determine your shots on the course.  When you have confidence in your mechanics, you will play better golf and have more fun in both practice and play.

A mat 4.JPG
A mat 7

Home Garage Training

Into a net with real balls


Whiffle balls into a wall.

A mat 6 range mats.JPG

Practice off of hard mats NEVER duplicates real playing condition off grass on the course.


Practice off the typical grass range conditions always places poor ground conditions into your practice.  The number of golfers I see practicing under these conditions hit a very high percentage of their shots with anything but solid ball contact

A mat 6.JPG

Stores easily in the side pocket of your golf bag

To Purchase a Magic Mat, Click on the PayPal button: $75 includes S&H in the US

email for S&H outside the US.

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