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In January of 2005, I discovered numerous errors in the current Broken-Symmetry (BM) math system.

  • The current math system is a broken-symmetry (BS) math system.  The math on the left side of the number line is different from the math on the right side of the number line.  By definition this is broken-symmetry.

  • The Rule-of-Signs, a (-)(-) = (+) cannot be proved.  Negative and positive numbers makes BS math illogical and produces numerous incorrect answers.

  • The distributive law produces incorrect answers when

  • The difference of squares produced Einstein’s math error in his special relativity when it was factored into

  • Imaginary numbers had to be added because there are numbers that do not exist in BS math.

  • Imaginary numbers produce many ILLOGICAL and INCORRECT answers.

  • Absolute values had to be added because equations produced answers with negative numbers.


Just because BS math provides usable answers in many applications, it produces numerous illogical and incorrect answers when you understand Logical physics of Space, Mass and Time; you can stop warping space and time


According to Professor P.M. Kanarev, there has not been a major discovery in math, physics or chemistry in academia due to theory since the early 1900’s. There have been virtually no science-changing discoveries since quantum theory and relativity were accepted as fundamental in science. 


In December of 2006, I discovered the math error in Einstein’s Special Relativity.  BS math can have two masses moving in the BS math’s negative direction that are multiplied together to be moving in the opposite direction by the same magnitude (double subtraction); this is impossible in the real world.   Einstein’s Special Relativity should be abandoned.  Numerous articles on the Internet show Einstein’s theory to be incorrect, but no one in academia is willing to publish the information.


21st century scientists state, in many articles, that Einstein's General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics are incompatible.  They are not only incompatible; they are both mathematically incorrect.  The reason is that both of them use the BS math system.  Again, the universe cannot operate differently based on the way a number line is drawn. 


Imaginary numbers are only necessary in the current BS math system where there are numbers that do not exist.  Imaginary numbers are not needed in my Symmetry-Math system. 

  • This means that Schrödinger's equations should be abandoned.

  • Any equation in quantum theory that uses imaginary numbers should be abandoned.

  • Any equations in math that use imaginary numbers should be abandoned.


My son, a university chemistry teacher, recently applied Symmetry-Math to rewrite thermochemistry.  It only took him about three hours. I have included his comments below:


"Current methods for teaching thermochemistry problems require students to memorize signs:

  • [(- dash) and (+ cross)] for enthalpy, entropy and Gibbs free energy to determine the final sign associated with a spontaneous process. 

Although this process can help one predict the spontaneity of an overall chemical process, students often become confused and assign or calculate signs which are incorrect.  This causes them to lose sight of the overall scientific processes being taught.” 


“A recent discovery by my father shows that the Rule-of-Signs produces many incorrect answers.  His discovery provides a simpler and more understandable method to achieve correct answers.  Students should be provided with the above definitions and given the opportunity to apply logical concepts for solving problems.  Memorizing signs and using them as both mathematical and directional operators is illogical and confusing for even the above average student. Applying Symmetry-Math to thermodynamic problems, allows students to obtain solutions by reasoning and understanding principles.  The current method uses illogical (- dash) and (+cross) signs to obtain answers. “


My son wanted to start using this information to help his students.  I told him he could not.  He would be fired and ran out of chemistry.  You do not advance any idea into academia until the authority figures of academia give a stamp of approval by peer review (by someone who has no knowledge of the "something new")


I do not expect anyone in current academia to accept Symmetry-Math.  It will take a new generation that is willing to look at the information to replace the current BS math system.  This means that you can be a pioneer in the science of the future.

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