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BAM - Ball Acceleration Maximizer

Increases Clubhead Speed

Dear Jack,

Several years ago you came out with the “BAM” as a scientific method of increasing ones swing speed (fast twitch muscles).  At that time, around 2014, I was swinging my driver at a speed of 87--88 level.  After several weeks of working with the “BAM”, the first thing I noticed was how much better I was hitting my driver.  As I worked with the “BAM”, my ability to hit my worst clubs improved remarkably.   Today my driver swing speed is 105--107.  I carry BAM as my 14th club (I swing it before, during, and after rounds) along with a driver and my putter.  BAM works!  Every time I do it, I'm working on my swing fundamentals, watching the blur, etc. I have thanked you many times during our long distance relationship, and I thank you again for making the great game of golf so much fun.


Brad B.

BAM Instructions 11-18-2021.png
BAM Instructions 11-18-2021 (2).png
BAM Instructions 11-18-2021 (3).png

Click on the PayPal button to place and order; $100 includes S&H in the US.

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Click on the PayPal button to place and order for the BAM and Driving Tee;  $115.00 includes S&H in the US

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