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Video Analysis + FaceTime/Zoom Lesson

A video analysis and follow-up FaceTime/Zoom lesson                     by Golf's #1 Scientific Teacher 

will allow you to optimize your swing type!

I am knowledgeable in all methods of swinging a golf club.


  • Traditional rotary body tour mechanics (Tour Mechanics)

  • Moe Norman mechanics (Jack Kuykendall’s Patented version)

  • e2e: Accuracy and distance with extremely limited body motion; great for golfers with back, hip, knee and shoulder injuries.

  • Golf-Percent-Mastery (G%M); Unimaginable accuracy combined with Awesome Distance. Vitural removal of the body rotation from the stroke. If you can swing your arms independent of your body, you can play the best golf of your life.

The cost for a video analysis and follow-up FaceTime/Zoom lesson is just                                                                    $60

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