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Many of my you are interested in Moe Norman's mechanics. Moe’s mechanics are identical to my Patent 5,803,827 from 1998.


On Aug 25th 1995 at the Deer Ridge Golf Club in Kitchner, Ontario, Canada, I supervised the taking of these photos for the Dec 1995 issue of GD.  

As you all know, technology has reached the level that cell phone and computer lessons are just as effective, if not more effective, than in person learning.


The cost for a video analysis will be $30


The cost of the FaceTime/Zoom lesson will be $30


Two ways to proceed: 

1st: Video Analysis First

  • Send a video of your current swing; facing and down the target line.



  • I will analyze the video (send you a copy of the analysis) and then schedule a FaceTime/Zoom lesson: $30.

  • You practice for two to four weeks and we do another FaceTime/Zoom lesson again: $30



2nd: FaceTime/Zoom Lesson First

  • You practice for two to four weeks and send a video for analysis: $30

  • Depending on the video analysis, a second FaceTime/Zoom lesson my need to scheduled: $30


You should not need more than four of these sessions.

Moe. a 42kb.jpeg
US5803827  1998 Patent..jpg
US5803827 1998 Patent...jpg
Moe.. a 41kb.jpeg
Moe... a DS 72kb.jpeg
moe.... a impact 52kb.jpeg
Moe..... Follow Through.jpeg
Moe...... a Finish.jpeg
US5803827 page 3...a.jpg
US5803827 1998 Patent..a.jpg
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Video Lesson

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FaceTime/Zoom Lesson

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