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Jack Kuykendall’s English Rewrite






      The human brain stores learned information via synaptic connections in short- and long-term memory.   If the information stored is ILLOGICAL (quantum theory, Einstein’s relativity and Broken-Symmetry (BS) math), then LOGICAL science can take years to centuries to return. Once scientists spend their careers using Illogical concepts, it is all but impossible for them to form synaptic patterns for LOGICAL science. Illogical theories are mostly controlled by academia; authority figures.  These authority figures, usually, stop discussion of all alternative theories.

     Mathematics is considered one of the great achievements of the human mind.  However, the current Broken-Symmetry (BS) math system has so many illogical concepts that is amazing that something so flawed is still in use. 


Space, Mass and Time allow humans to understand the world around us.

  • Space is 1st; without which existence is impossible. Space is absolute; there are no phenomena which could influence space; compress, expand or distort it. 

  • Mass is 2nd; without it, space would be empty.

  • Time is 3rd; time allows the observation of the movement of masses relative to other masses in space. There is no time in empty space. Time is irreversibility and absolute. It goes in one direction. There are no phenomena which could influence the rate of its course: increase or decrease it’s rate.


“OS” requires no experimental check and has no exceptions.

 “NOS” reliability depends on interpretation of experiments.


How are space, mass and time connected?

Mass cannot exist outside space.

Time passes only in space, which contains mass.

Space, mass and time are inseparable.


As space cannot be separated from time and it is impossible to imagine the existence of mass outside space, inseparability of the three is “OS”.        

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