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                               Logical Statements of Professor Kanarev on the photon


  • Photons have mass, radius and a frequency! The Quantum theory of photons is illogical and incorrect!

  • Jack Kuykendall’s translation of Professor P.M Kanarev photon science. Kanarev’s paper that explains all experimental observations of photon interaction with mass is 29 pages long.  Just a few of his logical statements about photons:

  • While quantum theory believes that photons are massless waves, Kanarev show what it thought to be the wavelength is actually the photons experimental radius,







If the sum of the external "Ma"acting on a rotating mass is equal to zero, its angular momentum remains a constant in both magnitude and direction.

  • This means that "h" is an arrow. This explains all the paradoxes and allows the math to describe the processes of:

  • Emission and absorption,

  • Formation of photons over all frequencies,

  • Formation of electrons, protons and neutrons, 

  • Formation of nuclei, atoms, molecules and clusters.


  • If the "Mrexp" constant describes a ring, the math describes experiments.


  • If the"Mrexp" describes a wave, the math does NOT describe experiments.



  • Heat is photons being absorbed or emitted by electrons

  • The motion of the center of mass of a photon is described by a short cycloid

  • The name "electromagnetic radiation" will be changed to "Photon-Sea" to better describe reality.

  • Logical science of the double slit experiment! PHOTON DO NOT GO THROUGH BOTH SLITS AT THE SAME TIME!!!


Heisenberg’s Inequality:

  • Does NOT mean uncertainty in position and momentum. 

  • Does NOT limit theoretical information. 

  • Only limits experimental information to be greater than one wavelength (or one radius of rotation).

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