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    Butt weighting increases club head speed. When our 110 gram grip is  added to the butt of the club, the center of gravity of the club moves closer to the hands.  
    If you add this correct amount of weight in the grip, you will find that you have a better feel with the club (more total weight) and that the club is easier to swing. The scientific reason is that you are reducing the Radius of Gyration (K). The ROG is defined as the distance from the axis that a point mass 'M' must be placed if the mass is to have the same 'I' (Moment of Inertia) as the actual body does. 


                              *  K=square root of K/M


As can be seen from the equation, the larger the 'M', the closer the ROG gets to the axis of rotation (your hands).

     What this means for a golf club, is that the balance point moves from the head toward the grip. When (K) is optimized, you obtain the greatest club head speed along with the best feel. The additional mass in the grip drives the hands through impact.  
    Jack experimented for 3 years with grips weighting between 68 and 125 grams.  The optimum weight is between 100 and 120 grams. If the grip is heavier, you lose club head feel. If the grip is lighter, the head feels heavy. Science can predict, but it took thousands of golfer’s feedback to determine the optimum grip weight.

Our 12" grip is  1.2 inches at the butt and 0.9 inches at the tip. The taper is very large also. This makes it much easier to hold on to the grip - especially with a 10 finger grip. You don't have to squeeze to hold on to the GRIP.  

Large GRIPS are optimum for EVERYONE who wants to experience greater distance and grip control; don't fall for the ridiculous myth that fat grips cause a slice. 

The Grips are $12.00 each +$13.00 S&H (priority mail midsize box)

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