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Prof P.M. Kanarev has shown that what has been given the name “thermodynamics” is the absorption and emission of photons by the electrons of atoms and molecules.  This is the basic principle of all thermodynamics.  Using this simple and understandable principle, I have removed many unnecessary laws, terms and units (named for scientist).  I am changing the process from the name “thermodynamic” to a more understandable name “HEAT”.


Statements to be proved by Jack Kuykendall:

  • “Energy” is a misleading term and does not exist. The term is being replaced with a simple equation that describes what happens when masses interact.

  • All that exist is mass in motion relative to other mass.

  • All of physics and chemistry can be understood by examining the interaction of mass reacting with other mass.

  • The 1st law of thermodynamics is replaced with 1st Math Descriptions of Heat

  • The 2nd law of thermodynamics is replaced with the 2nd Math Descriptions of Heat.

  • Entropy (order and disorder in the universe) is abandoned as it is no longer a logical concept.

  • Dashes (-) and crosses (+) are removed to describe the direction of heat flow.


I have used chapter 16 to 20 in the Schaum’s Outline as a reference to show how confusing the current system makes the subject and how easy it is to understand with Kanarev’s basic concept.


The perceived laws and principles of thermodynamics originated in the 16th to 18th century.  They were based on observations, using thermometers; of how a term labeled heat interacts with mass.  These scientists had little to no knowledge that electrons, protons, neutrons and photons existed.  They believed in an unknown substance labeled energy.  The units of this energy were named after one of the scientists and called a joule.  All the other units used in thermodynamics were named after a scientist who made a contribution to the subject of thermodynamics.  This naming of units after scientist’s names virtually removed the understanding of the process.


These HEAT articles will show just how easy it is to understand “HEAT” when the only parameters are the absorption and emission of photons by atoms and molecules.

  • Specific

  • Transfer of

  • Ideal gases 

  • 1st Math

  • 2nd Math

  • Changing Nuclei


Example from Bouchardt’s work:     

Mv and Ma are mathematical concepts that describe the motion-of-mass. Mass does not “contain energy”.  Energy is a concept for describing and relating the various forms of the motion-of-mass.  The word “energy’ needs to be removed from Logical science. Math concepts that describe mass in motion interacting with other mass is all that is needed: 


Jack Kuykendall

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