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                      Putting and the Putter


                      The bottom line on putting is a cliché:


           You must absolutely be confident that you will sink the putt.

I have built and tested numerous putters.  I have tried virtually every putter that has been made by other manufacturers.  The number of new putters and marketing hype claimed by the golf industry has flooded the market to a degree that science and truth no longer exist.


In this environment, announcing a new putter that is a superior scientific design may seem foolish! However, as you know, when I discover something that will allow you to control the distance and direction of your putt, I will offer it to you.

Putters - Thing.jpg

Announcing the “BLACK-MAGIC” Putter (Hand Made in the USA)


  • Shaft in line with ball impact;

    • No twisting from ball impact

  • Shaft installed at the Center-Of-Gravity;

    • Perfect balance to eliminate torque on the head.

  • Shaft bent at two inches above the head;

    • This allows the shaft to be bent to your natural hand position for making a perfect piston motion.

    • A special grip allows your dominant palm to consistently square the clubface at impact.

  • Non-Snag Attachment on Bottom;

    • Eliminate snagging in the backstroke and forward stroke

  • Non-Glare Black Matte Finish

  • No sight lines;

    • Eliminates vision distortion; everyone’s eyes see lines differently!

  • No Loft; Allows immediate overspin for a better roll of the ball for distance and direction!

Designing the “Black-Magic” Putter


It starts with a round piece of aluminum


A section is milled off to produce a flat NO LOFT face

BM2b 10x10.JPG

An aluminum rod is epoxied in the center of gravity and bent to your natural hand position.

The Non-Snag piece is attached to the bottom of the head.

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