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                      Putting and the Putter


                      The bottom line on putting is a cliché:


           You must absolutely be confident that you will sink the putt.

I have built and tested numerous putters.  I have tried virtually every putter that has been made by other manufacturers.  The number of new putters and marketing hype claimed by the golf industry has flooded the market to a degree that science and truth no longer exist.


In this environment, announcing a new putter that is a superior scientific design may seem foolish! However, as you know, when I discover something that will allow you to control the distance and direction of your putt, I will offer it to you.

Putters - Thing.jpg

Announcing the “Mallet Putter"  Modified for the Trevillion Method


  • Shaft in line with ball impact;

    • No twisting from ball impact

  • Shaft installed at the Center-Of-Gravity;

    • Perfect balance to eliminate torque on the head.

  • Special 15" grip;

    • A special grip allows your dominant palm to consistently square the clubface at impact.

  • No sight lines;

    • Eliminates vision distortion; everyone’s eyes see lines differently!

  • No Loft; Allows immediate overspin for a better roll of the ball for distance and direction!

Mallet T 1.jpg
Mallet T 2.jpg
PT Missing Impossible.jpg

Paul Trevillion invented an superior putting method; stance and grip shown in the photo on the left.  The one drawback was that you had to bend over by 90 degrees.  The system never took off due to this; just too much of a chance for back injury.

Experimenting, I have found that you do not need to be bent over to be far more accurate than any other method of putting; you will virtually never miss a 6 foot or shorter putt.  By customizing the shaft length to your current putting posture, all the benefits of accuracy and distance are still there.


  • Center Shafted Mallet Putter

    • Custom fitted to your specifications​

  • Paul Trevillions instructions from his book.​

  • Jack Kuykendall's science of putting information.

  • PVC training aid

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