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Kuykendall Optimum Resistance Exercise System

The Four Minute HIIT Program

High Intensity Exercise

KORES (Kuykendall Optimum Resistance Exercise System)











KORES uses a simple principle of friction between a rope wound around a metal cylinder to control the force needed to move the rope.

When a very small amount of force is applied to one handle, the other handle will require a very large amount of force to move the rope.

By applying the optimum amount of force to one handle, you control the force necessary to move the other handle; optimum resistance exercise!

Only four exercises are necessary to work the upper body and legs.


                                         Pull downs       - 1 set       20 repetitions

                                 Arm press         - 1 set       20 repetitions












                             Rowing motion - 1 set       20 repetitions











                                          Squats              - 1 set       20 repetitions










This is the safest you will ever be able to do squats. The rope lets you control how far down you can comfortably go.


This HIIT Video shows the exact 4-minute routine.

  • If you're over 60, you just need one session a day.

  • If you're younger and want to keep your pulse at a higher level longer, just do more 4-minute sessions to arrive at your desired total time. 

The KORES cost $100 + $10 S&H (US)

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