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Why Do You Need The Training Aids?

You CAN'T watch a video or a professional on television and replicate those mechanics. 

If you could you would all find your favorite golfer and take that swing to the golf course. 



Neuroscience states that the only way to develop an effective, reproducible golf swing is with aids that ALLOW you to make the correct motion every time.  With the G-%-M Swing Aids, you will experience success with the 1st practice session.  In just days of using the aids you will have your personal sensation of what optimum mechanics feels like.  Continued use of the training aids after 30 days will further reinforce those mechanics and allow them to move from short term memory to long term memory where they become automatic and you will have them forever.

The G-%-M Swing Training aids allow you to have OPTIMUM practice every time; you will never loss your effective mechanics again!


Is Today the Day?

You've taken the first step to reach your golfing potential by coming to the site. However, just reading information or watching a video will not change your mechanics to desired results.  We understand that it is difficult to make the commitment to change, and we can't do that for you.  30 years of improving mechanics has led to this inconceivable discovery.

Our team is here for you every step of the way.

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